Our Dystopia Now

The popularity of books and movies that depict main characters fighting the system in a Dystopian future has been on the rise. People dealing with police stopping them and taking their cash without cause. Governments passing laws that strip away Human Rights. Corporations having the ability to sway political policy in their pursuit of natural resources. Even a society that tries marginalize an entire gender into second-class citizens through stigma and religion. With all this happening in the world it is no wonder people want to fantasize about someone successfully fighting Dystopias.

In 2013 there were several news stories that started to circulate about several police jurisdictions in the United States wherein officers would pull over out of state cars and search them. Any large amounts of cash found therein was confiscated on the suspicion of drug running. As more investigation was done into this alleged practice some police forces admitted that they did it and used the funds to function. While people could apply to get their money back, the process is often long and requires them to come back in person. Officers are targeting out of state license plates remember. This is legal for the police to do. This is not some book or movie. You do not have to commit a crime to have your cash taken away.

In Canada in 2013 the Supreme Court there overturned the Country’s prostitution/sex work laws citing them as violations of Human Rights and unconstitutional. The response from the Government was to within a year draft and implement new laws that made prostitution/sex work illegal for the first time in Canada’s history. I know the this topic itself is a heated one for some, but the idea that any Government can decide whether or not two adults can legally consent to have sex for themselves is the bottom line. It goes to the core of personal consent, freewill, and gay/lesbian rights. Keep in mind that Canada had and still has laws to fight human trafficking, which is a very different issue. Should police resources be used to check up on what consenting adults are doing in their bedrooms?

Throughout the World Corporations use their vast wealth to influence local Governments to help themselves attain access to natural resources. This is not new. It is however surprising in its openness at times. Lobbyists from energy groups getting laws or regulations passed so that drilling can occur with little or no oversight. Fracking earthquakes and tap water that can be set on fire have become a way of life for some people because of this. The deforestation of huge tracks of land to get at oil tar sands is another glaring sign of cooperation between Government and Corporation at the expense of people. I find it odd too that the Energy Sector always sets record profits yet the Government hands it subsidies claiming public interest.

Regardless of where you are in the World there is a gender divide. Some places it is worse than others. What is silly is the places that try to claim there isn’t one when clearly there is one. Those are often the ones there may even be laws in place to level the playing field. Yet, society has not adopted those laws. Religion in particular helps keep the playing field uneven. Whether it be slut-shaming, victim-blaming, whore-phobia, or outright men making decisions about women’s bodies for them in healthcare concerns. It’s even okay in Western society to cover up a university campus rape or for a cop to assault a prostitute. Second class citizens with the right to vote, just not the right to speak up for themselves about themselves. Feminism is a bad word now even. Who is waging the war against women?

If any of this made you go what the fuck? It was supposed too. My point is that we are in our own Dystopia right now because we can see better. We know better for ourselves and our kids but see the crap around us if we stop to look. If we pull our noses away from our social media, video games, and reality TV long enough that is. That’s a theme too, often in those Dystopian stories. The Masses need to be distracted from the plight they are in for the elite to stay in control.

That all said. Vote when you get the chance too. In the U.S., U.K., and Canada there was less than 65% voter turnout in their last federal elections. A lot of people of letting their lives be decided by other peoples votes. Is that how the Corporations, Religious Extremists, and corruption wins in the end?