The Wrong Place

I’m not lost. I know exactly how I got here. I’m just not suppose to be here. I thought I was, but I’m not. Where did it go wrong? Going back is not an option and I cannot go forward. This is an end point. Just not the right one for me. Can I side-step or dig down? Maybe I can fly. Fly out of here, out of this situation. Crap… focus…

“Sir? Cash or debit?”



“I’m sorry. I forgot, I’m allergic to olives.”


“Did that guy just run out of here without his sub?”

Update June 27, 2019

Blogging has never been my thing on a regular, or even irregular basis. I do write flash fiction at my writing group, and hope to polish some to post here soon. Much of what I write is quirky.

I do struggle with mental health issues, and they often effect my sharing/posting of what I write.

This is a simple attempt to share some of my writing, and less frequently my thoughts on the World. I share most thoughts on my Twitter account;