Strange Company

It was late and cold as I walked down the street. The snowplows had recently gone through Main Street and so I had no sidewalk to walk on. I trudged along down the middle of the road safe in the knowledge our sleepy little town was all asleep except myself and Nick. Though Nick was at his place waiting for me. I hadn’t been drinking yet, so seeing the zebra suddenly next me was unusual. I kind of just noticed out of the corner of my eye that it was walking next to me. Keeping pace. It turned when I turned at 3rd Ave, and again at 1st Street. I ignored it best I could. I supposed it was a hallucination. I thought back to the leftover pizza from the fridge I ate earlier. Was the zebra pizza induced? At Nick’s house it followed me right up the driveway through the deeper snow to the door. I hesitated as it stood closer. It was scary to think the thing real out in rural Saskatchewan two feet from me on Nick’s front porch. I rang the doorbell and ignored the thing some more. When that door opened I knew we were in trouble, because Nick was staring at the zebra and not me.

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