My Balloon

All day things had seemed off to me. Out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing things moving that suddenly weren’t when I looked right at them. Facts I though I knew about the world around me turned out to be wrong all day. My neighbor’s apartment number across the hall from me was 11 not 12 this morning. My best friend’s car was silver and not bronze, till today. Same car, same stain on the seat inside, same garbage on the floor. Than the barista at the coffee shop I have a crush on has a different tattoo in a slightly different place on their forearm. Left me questioning my sanity. Little things at work too all day were off. Then the walk home after work.
There was a ladder leaning against a wall. People were walking around it like they usually do. Tied to the ladder was a balloon. There was no wind so the balloon was just floating straight up on its string. Not moving this way or that at all. Only problem was that the shadow was moving. I stopped. There’s the shadow for the ladder nice and still, but the balloon and its string are dancing away like there’s some sort of tornado near by. The actual balloon is still. Walking up beside the ladder I could feel a faint breeze coming from under it. I knew then that my balloon was under that ladder on the other side.

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