The Cleric

The pounding on the door wakes him with a start,
He jumps to his feet, the doors fling apart,
Villagers rush in looking scared and crazed,
The things they mumble leave him slightly dazed.

Dark things are seen coming this way,
Singing songs of chaos and decay,
A rumble is heard, down far below,
Storm clouds gather, the wind starts to blow.

Lightning flashes with a thunderous roar,
The dark things are here, as the rain starts to pour,
Fires alight, the flames climb high,
Shadows are moving, they dance in the sky.

Soon it’s over and the damage is done,
The dark things laugh, they think it all fun,
But through the rain, there walks a man,
To stand where villagers had fled and ran.

He raises a cross, and speaks into the air,
And calls to his god with a powerful prayer,
The rain it stops, the clouds they clear,
The dark things tremble, in cowering fear.

The cleric he smiles and casts his spell,
He’s going to send those creatures back to hell,
He lifts his arm and the sun rises high,
The dark things scream, and then they die.

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