The rain fell oily and red without warmth. She grew up with warm rain back home. Clean rain too, not this stuff. One could breath the air on this world but no one ever mistook the weather for normal. She wondered how the terraforming could have gone so wrong. Someone decided it was good enough and let people settle. Crops grew and that was enough for them it seemed. No one came here by choice that wasn’t running from somewhere else.  A place of runaways and rejects. That’s why Annabed had hid here.
It had been nearly half a year since her ship blew up around her with all hands on board. Half a year of dodging the Alliance too. Now here she sat in the red rain waiting for that last piece of the puzzle, the last bit of information about who had set her and her crew up. She let slip to the right people where she was. Whoever came for her would have the answer she wanted. Then it would be time for payback. A debt was owed and Annabed always paid her debts. In full.

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