The Crash Landing

Round and round they went. They crashed through the atmo with a dead pilot and no helm controls. Annabed had gotten to an escape pod but it wasn’t releasing from the ship. There was nothing she could do.
Without warning the pod shot into free fall as the ship exploded. Annabed was slammed forward against the pod straps. It was a sudden change from blaring alarms and klaxons to the howl of wind. There was only moments before landfall with the pod firing thrusters to stop the plunge. Once still she hit the hatch release and kicked her way free. Looking up she could see debris from her former ship raining down around her, down into a city.
Sounds flooded over her anew. People were screaming, there were sirens. She ran, because while the illegal cargo blew up with the ship, the warrant for her arrest had not.

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